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Materials - Laser Melting

Laser Melting

laser melting

Latest manufacturing
technologies linked to 3D printing

The Performa production center offers customized solutions in laser melting, in titanium and cobalt-chrome, relying on the latest manufacturing technologies linked to 3D printing. The quality and physical-chemical characteristics of the dusts, together with the laser technique, guarantee precise productions, in line with the design files and stable in the subsequent phases of refining and ceramization. Techniques of Additive Manufacturing allow for more freedom in the production of anatomically complex morphologies, compared to subtraction techniques. 

Surface finish

The Performa laser melting productions are available in two different levels of surface finish.
The internal level of finish remains the same for both products.



the artifact is supplied complete with support pins, that the technician must remove. 


the product doesn’t need additional processing in the laboratory, as the support pins have already been removed by the Performa center.