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Materials - Metals



Customised abutments,
screwed crowns

In the single elements, Performa has come up with an innovative solution to overcome the limits of current CAD-CAM productions on implants. A multiprocess technology for accurate connection, working from a bar instead of a disk or pre-milled (thus integrating the advantages of milling with those of machining, to achieve precise and repeatable connections). Avoiding subsequent adjustments, the correspondence with the planning is always guaranteed, therefore the abutment and the corresponding cap can be planned and prepared simultaneously 


to produce
the anatomical part


The absence of the support pins avoids any intervention of removal in critical areas, such as margins, thus allowing for a faithful reproduction of the planned profiles

Volume corresponding to the planned .stl file

The production in a single phase avoids the repositioning of the workpiece, ensuring perfect axiality between anatomical part and passing-through screw 


to carry out
the connection


Implant connection which is identical in precision, reliability and safety to traditional industrial abutments: the same machining, the same control standards and the same tolerance values (0.01mm)

Repeatable precision and implant-abutment coupling, identical to the industrial abutments, for a reliable connection


Bridges and
screwed structures

As a guarantee of correct fit of the artifact on more elements, the Performa procedures foresee two specific passages.


in pre-production phases, the contact scanning of the model is carried out with an industrial probe, so that any error connected to the optical scanning is rectified


in post-production phases, before being sent to the laboratory, each structure is submitted to an internal control test, based on the Sheffield test principal, which verifies the effective fit of the Performa structure on model supplied

No risk of stress on implant or prosthetic components.
No need of corrections for the laboratory


Surface finish




Standard machining, which requires subsequent processing by the dental technician.


Optimised surface for the type of prosthetic restoration, facilitating adhesion of cement or covering material. No need of additional processing in the lab.


Excellent solution for all kind of covering
Flexible choice for the lab



All products include a smooth portion, characterized by a surface with Ra equal to 0.29 micron.


Minor plaque adhesion and minor bacterial proliferation
Stability and health of soft tissues over time