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Materials - Zirconia



Quality of
raw material

Performa has selected the producers of zirconia, able to guarantee the best physical-chemical characteristics and a perfect esthetic result. A wide range of types of zirconia is available to allow the technician to choose the perfect material, based on the kind of prosthetic restoration:

1200 - 1400 MPa

Matt zirconia

1000 - 1200 MPa

Translucent zirconia

600 - 800 - 1000 MPa

Multilayer zirconia

Dedicated production center

The milling machines are dedicated and optimised for the production of customized prosthesis in ceramic material, thus maximising the production efficiency and ensuring products not contaminated by other materials.

Customized coloring

The infiltration of the work is characterized by a high level of flexibility, according to the requests from the laboratories.